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agribusiness through food manufacturing, wholesale, foodservice and multiple retailers, Food Procurement Services can provide an unrivalled view of the supply chain. In addition, specialists in ingredients, packaging, business services, logistics, international freight, chemicals and change management means there is expertise to meet your needs.

In this rapidly evolving profession, where change is the only certainty, there is a real opportunity to develop the capacity and capability of your purchasing team, deliver substantial savings to your business and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Whether you want to develop a purchasing strategy for your business, or simply benchmark and reduce prices, Food Procurement Services has the skill and flexibility to meet your needs.

With more than 20 years experience in the food business, in markets as diverse as fresh produce, prepared foods, grocery and agriculture, Food Procurement Services can help develop your business through profit enhancement and risk reduction.

Working with PLCs, venture capital backed businesses, MBOs and family companies, Food Procurement is a flexible and effective way of reducing your supply expenditure and reducing the risk. For an informal discussion please Contact Us.

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