Training In Partnership…

with Mintec, the market leader in commodity purchase information, Food Procurement Services offer a range of training courses for manufacturing and retail clients including Intelligent Purchasing, Commodity Management, Strategic Cost Control, Commercial Awareness and Change Management.

TrainingDelegates said:

“The course made me understand the importance of gaining as much knowledge as possible about what I am buying in terms of product, supplier, supply chain to help ensure we are buying effectively and dealing with the right suppliers for our business.”

“I found the course intensive and wide-ranging but ultimately rewarding. The venue and presentation were excellent. I was introduced to new concepts but also to a different perspective on established ones. The course also offers a great opportunity to meet people from a wide selection of businesses and to share knowledge and experience.”

“The course was excellent – it is great to have a buying course based on the Food Industry and one which will make a difference to myself and the company that I work for.”

TrainingWhat would be the most effective strategy for meeting our business needs?

How can we use data and marketing information to gain insight into price movements?

What price should we pay for a complex material or a finished product and why?

How much should we buy, when should we buy it and what is the risk?

Which supplier has the most appropriate cost drivers to meet our needs?

Should all of these are achieved what will be the outcome for our business?

These practical and stimulating foundation courses have been designed by purchasing directors and commodity experts with feedback from some of the world’s most respected blue chip food companies. It is aimed at senior decision-makers in the purchasing and commercial sectors.

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